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You can always email Pastor Ron at to find out more about starting NHE's Find True Identity Discipleship. Please note that FTID has a specific path we all follow:
BASICS—NHE's FTID 100 Series: Find True Identity in the Message of the Cross
ESSENTIALS & PERSPECTIVES—NHE's FTID 200 Series: Find True Identity in the Bible's Romans
DISCIPLES MAKE DISCIPLES—NHE's FTID 300 Series: Find True Identity in the Bible's Great Commission
GOD'S SALVATION GARDEN—NHE's FTID 400 Series: Find True Identity in the Bible's 1 John
ORIGINS & DYSFUNCTIONS—NHE's FTID 500 Series: Find True Identity from the Bible's Genesis

FTID involves: Teachings and Q&As, Diagrams & diagnostiX, and Workshops