Help and Healing for Men Struggling with Sexual Brokenness

Ron Browning

Hi, my name is Ron Browning. Founder, biblical strategist, and pastor-teacher for NewHeart Expressions. An Exchanged Life Ministry with a Sovereign Grace twist. As a minister of the Gospel, I’m licensed by World Ministry Fellowship and commissioned by Network 220 to preach, teach, and offer counsel from God’s Word.
NewHeart Expressions (NHE) serves as my ministry platform, allowing me to reach out and care for sexually broken men. To this end, I’ve spent the last twenty years providing remedial care—i.e., corrective, counteractive, and curative counsel—for men struggling with such brokenness. A few years ago, I formalized this discipleship path as NHE’s Find True Identity Discipleship. NHE provides me opportunity to journey with sexually broken men (and sometimes their wives), via Zoom into the Power and Path, the Perspective, the Presence and Peace of Jesus’ Life for true help and healing.
Go and Make Disciples
Baptising Them into God’s Life
Teaching Them God’s Word
Ron's Reflection on MATTHEW 28:19-20
The passion of my heart is to know and experience God in His fullness (i.e., in His reality). And to keep diving deeper and deeper into the genuineness of His Life, Light, and Love. Helping others encounter God in the same way… i.e., to know and experience Jesus Christ as our:
  • Sovereign Lord: responding to Jesus in the obedience of faith—both the ‘getting saved’ & ‘living saved’ (Romans 1:5, 16:25-27; Hebrews 11:28) …and as our—
  • Forgiving Lamb: atoned by—being ‘at one’ with—Jesus in His forever forgiveness; prompted to, motivate by, learning to live forgiven and forgiving (John 1:29; Ephesians 1:7; 4:32; Colossians 2:13-14; 1 John 4:10) …and as our—
  • Saving Life: learning our true identity is Jesus’ Life, Who produces the pursuit of right living in us (Isaiah 40:31; 2 Corinthians 5:17, 21; Galatians 2:20; Colossians 1:27; 3:1-4) …and as our—
  • Rescuing Liberator: learning to live in step with our new nature, our new identity, and our new destiny (Romans 8; Galatians 5); learning biblical strategies for:
    • Discovery—by studying God and others, myself and my struggles from the absolute authority of God’s Word, in the power of Holy Spirit (Romans 5&6).
    • Recovery—for the real help and healing of God’s Life that produces significant and lasting change (a divine exchange) from life-shattering addictions and false intimacies to Jesus’ Life of freedom and wholeness (Romans 7&8)… so, we may know and experience Jesus Christ as our:
  • All-wise Leader: learning to follow Jesus, moment by moment; yes, learning to live from His purpose and fulfillment—i.e., God’s good, God’s delight, God’s desire for me; lost in Eden, regained from Jesus’ living His Life in and through me (Genesis 3:6; Luke 9:23-27; 1 Corinthians 1:30; Colossians 1:27) …and as our—
  • Life-Source of Grace & Truth: learning how-to walk in God’s Power, on God’s Path, and from God’s perspective… in God’s presence and with God’s peace (Ephesians 4, 5, & 6; Colossians 3; 1 John)… so ultimately, we may know and experience Jesus Christ as the:
  • Perfect Lover of Our Souls: basking in God’s Life—learning and receiving true intimacy with Jesus, our Husband—the true Christian’s Eternal Life and Companion (Jeremiah 31:3; Psalm 23; Song of Solomon 1:7, 2:4;  John 17:3; Galatians 2:20; Philippians 3:7-11; 1 John 5:20-21; Revelation 1:5)
My friend, Jesus is my All-in-all. He’s my everything! Simply put, He’s better!!! Better than sex. Better than orgasm. Better than any high. Better than life lived from stolen money and identities. No matter how ecstatic or for how long, HE’S ALWAYS BETTER! His Life. His Beauty. His Power. His Sovereignty. (Jude 1:24-25). For all of us any whose repentance leads to a Life of saving faith in Jesus Christ, He keeps us. Helps us. And our rejoinder is to bathe ourselves in Him—His Power and Path, His Perspective, His Presence and Peace—for in such a response He is more deeply known and experienced.
You are invited to spend some time reading more of this site, getting to know me better, and more importantly getting to know the Lord more deeply… …. …